The Deeper Side maybe it won't always be deep...sometimes it will be downright superficial or even just a paragraph of me bitching about something... but hey.. you don't have to read it

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The lucky Bengals hat.... ahh yes. As advertised on air huh? such a story behind that... and the story continues to unfold! I can only take it as it comes...and even beautiful listeners will only get a glimpse into the whole deal. (sorry - I do have SOME privacy ya know! lol) But things are getting brighter for The Lady. A new face... a new voice... drifting into my life. Who knows where life will take us...and this may end up a short story... but I'm hoping for an epic novel. Right now this inspiration is absent from me... a bit of long distance going on...but it will return and you will hear more on the air of dedications and an extra sparkle in my voice. So stay tuned... you know I'll be on the air...coming at you... live from Brazen... smile on my face...and my lucky cap on my head... with the brim down low...ofcourse....

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ever moving..always hope comes

Well... some things just sneek right up on you. Have you ever been looking for something...and just when you give up the search... it steps right in front of you? its a wonderful feeling really. A nice surprise. So unexpected. Especially when its something you've longed for all your life... and then might just be yours! Now nothing in life is certain except that nothing in life is certain! But it doesnt stop you from hoping...wishing...trying...striving... for it to be just what you want and need. You try to take a step back and look at it objectively...and sometimes you succeed... and sometimes even the reality is just what you hoped it would be. There is a sun...and it shone on me today! The Lady is happy... very happy...and I hope I just get happier. Its going to be a journey... but one I am packed and ready for! Maybe even literally... only time will tell.
*slides on her new Bengals cap, and smiles the brightest smile*... today a good day.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Well the Premier is in the past. I really enjoyed myself - I hope all the listeners did to. There were a few screws loose here and there, but I fixed em. A big thanks to all those that tuned in!!
I hope that soon you guys will send me some emails so I have something to freakin talk about on air! LOL c'mon...ask me anything. Horror, life, sex, no sex, creepy or crazy... or just share a story with the station. Send it all in!
There weren't many requests but its only the beginning.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bored Wanderings...

Sitting at the computer, chowing down my lunch... what the hell am I doing? I'm vegging.. thats what I'm doing. I don't get it that sue me. Sure I could be out doing...something.. but we all know what happened last time I went out. So I think I'll keep my dancing shoes in the closet for a week or two, thank you. Everything I need right now, I have right here. Food, entertainment, music, cigs... its alll here. If I start feeling like a loser for being at the comp on my day off... all I have to do is go to any number of online chats and see the hundreds of others doing the same thing... and without any productivity, might I ad. Nothing makes you feel better than chat lurking... well..except watching Jerry Springer...I mean ANYONE's life seems better after watching that crap. So I'm not so special. I am, however, edgy because I didn't go on last night so I'm itching for Saturday to be here. And now I have some kick ass photos of a sweeeet bike to stare at... hmmm I'll just imagine zoomin down the streets on that baby. That should be good for an arm-chair adrenaline rush right? Anyway...Saturday...Midnight... As if I need ANOTHER outlet for my thoughts..... could be scary.....Tune it and find out...or don't. I'm going back to my lurking...ooooooo... I feel so.....dirty.........

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Just because someone is beautiful...doesn't mean they are kind.." Words to learn from, kiddies. I had what was possibly the best weekend AND the worst weekend ever. A friend should be a friend, don't you think? No matter what things transpire or what situations change... and there is nothing worse than the sting of someone reaching out to you...just so they can wait for you to reach in return and SMACK you down into the dirt. How nasty can one person be... No matter how much you like your own self... it still takes time to recover from such an experience. I was in a daze... being lied to always has that effect on me. I'm I assume other people are too. How silly of me! And its still amazing to me how someone can be worried about MY good intentions...when all along... they had none of their own.... Well... it will come back to him one day... all of it will come rushing back at him. And where will I be... far far away... so much for friendship.